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Know your personality with your date of birth


 Know your personality with your date of birth 

Example: If your date of birth is 08/15/1982Collect numbers are as follows: 5 +1 +8 +2 +8 +9 +1 = 34 ....Collect the output then combined: 4 +3 = 7 ......... if you figure 7.For example, if your date of birth is 10/08/1982Collect figures Kltala: 0 +1 +8 +2 +8 +9 +1 = 29Collect the output then combined: 9 +2 = 11Collect output again: 1 +1 = 2 ...... if you're No. 2 figureAnd then read the analysis of your personality through your number-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------1Independent and proudin your personality : you innately commander of yours own opinions, tend to lead in everything and leaves a strong impression of both met. Strong-willed not like indirect methods, loves adventures and challenges and never run away from any obstacle you may experience. Preferably in a leadership position at work to your ability to encourage those around you. Beware of arrogance, think of others before you think of yourself-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
2Like helping others and feel to them: You are not looking for attention, and understands the feelings of those around you, so looking for assistant role in life. You are a good and takes into account the rights of others, and are looking for balance and harmony. You have the distinct ability to calm people down and solve problems which you can be a social reformer or a successful politician. Because you person collaborator n be working within a team is best suited to you, your weak point is the lack of ability to make decisions-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
3Social open mind and is on the verge of life: You are the spirit of partying, social and approachable, like, fun is usually the focus of attention around you. Diversity appears in both the professional and social life, creator and has a broad imagination so automatically gravitate towards literature and the arts and the media. I was born so lucky to have the money available and good luck. Optimistic because of your nature, has dominated your actions some indiscreet-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------4Serious and balanced, take life seriously: honest man, take responsibility and realistic, never tire of hard work, pay attention to the details of things. While the lack of creativity, but you have a strong sense of logical. Very organized and you your effective ways in life that make you a very useful element in any team work and bring you success and honor. You may experience problem عنادك, When insists on something, nothing in the world Atnic him-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------5Your intelligence supernatural: You Mah, quick-witted and you the ability to learn new skills and information quickly. Quick mind and your mind always thinking may make you a man is unable to rest, but it will bring you benefit because you can adapt to the conditions quickly and renewed creativity. Diversity something important in your life. And live your life in constant motion, like that locked the risks and that you're lucky person you graduated safely-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
6A person responsible and loyal .. You trusted: Due to authentic recipes, estimated to impose esteem on your friends, and you are the right person to take care of the family home, where the happiest moments of your life when you are surrounded by a family atmosphere. You have a great creative energies affect your surroundings to make him comfortable and harmonious place with you. Attracted to the professional work and to business that involves care-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Mysterious, intelligent, introvert yourself: Are you intrigued by the way things work and people's thinking and how occur attitudes ... like to know what happens and then decompose, so be a specialist in a particular area and I'm not familiar with much of information so تجذبك the professions that require a high intelligence. Tend to the reservation and the lack of clarity and your class can also exemplary in everything, interested in quality more than quantity and you try to be more tolerant-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------8Honest practical, you have a big motivation for life: physical comfort, safety and stability are key factors for your happiness So you're willing to work day and night to reach the level of life you aspire to. You are a great organizer and effective features of self-confidence and you skills Administrative high تجذبك to the world of business and management and therefore you get power and prestige associated with this field. You are more fortunate numbers-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------9Generous and you have a lot to offer: optimistic and full of enthusiasm, creator and creative personality attract around your sense of warmth. You have a big appetite for life and would like to try everything. You teacher Pftrtk and everyone likes to be involved wisdom and knowledge. Whatever works, you impose your respect as an ideal followers can be sure that you are not more than meet
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